Frederick Saumarez Fraser

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F. Saumarez Fraser, RN, representative of Mrs Catherine Russell (q.v) on whose behalf he made enquiries as to counterclaims for compensation for ownership of enslaved persons on Endeavor estate, Jamaica. Almost certainly the same man as the F.S. Fraser of Morningside who made enquiries on behalf of his wife for ownership of enslaved persons in St James, Jamaica.

  1. Frederick Saumarez Fraser, Master's Attendant of His Majesty's Brig Clinker, was Prizemaster following the capture of the Brazillian ship Copioba in 1827.

  2. Frederick Saumarez Fraser attempted unsuccessfully to pursue his English creditors through the Court of Session in Edinburgh in 1837.

  3. Frederick Saumarez Frazer and Eliza Campbell were the parents of Maria Frederica Frazer, baptised in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England, 08/11/1838.

  4. Frederick Saumarez Fraser was staying at 57 Albany Street, Edinburgh, the home of his brother James John Fraser (q.v.) and sister Jane, when he wrote to the Compensation Commissioners in 1836.


T71/857 St Ann claim no. 420 (Endeavor). T71/1592 pp. 214 & 227: letters from Mrs Catherine Russell, Morning Side, Edinburgh; and c/o of F.S Fraser Esq, RN. T71/1594 pp 180-1 letter from F.Saumarez Fraser 57 Albany Street dated 28/05/1836.

See separate entry for F.S. Fraser.

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Sailor (Royal Navy)

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57 Albany Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland