Adam Hogg

1798 - 1838

Claimant or beneficiary


Planter of Jamaica, with real and financial assets in Scotland at his death apparently inherited from his uncle Daniel Virtue (q.v.). Brother of Daniel Hogg (both q.v.) and probably the son of Margaret Virtue who married William Hogg in Smailholm, Roxburgh, 01/09/1794. Baptised 28/08/1798 in Earlston, Berwick.

  1. Adam Hogg esq and Ann McRae Rose, spinster, both of the parish of Manchester, were married there by licence 07/04/1837. They had previously had four children baptised in Jamaica:

    . Amelia Sophia was recorded as “white by law” at baptism, 23/11/1827 (Manchester)

    . Eleanor Rose was recorded as “of colour” at baptism, 09/08/1829 (Clarendon)

    . Juliana Virtue was recorded as “white by law” at baptism, 26/06/1831 (Manchester)

    . Ann Eliza was recorded as “white by law” at baptism, 18/11/1832 (Manchester).

  2. Helen, daughter of Adam Hogg by Caroline E. Ludford, was recorded as “quadroon” at baptism, 26/06/1831 (Manchester).

  3. Given that he wrote a codicil to his will in London in July 1837 and died before 25th August 1838, he was probably the Adam Hogg of Muswell Hill who was buried in St Mary, Hornsey, 08/08/1838 aged 38 [sic] years. In his will he refers to amounts of money lent out in Scotland 'agreeable to the will of my uncle Daniel Virtue' totalling £10,000. It is not completely clear who advanced the money but it appears to have been in trust from the estate of Daniel Virtue and Adam Hogg directed that the receipts from these debts be used to pay off legacies to Daniel Virtue's natural children under Virtue's will.


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  3. See also will of Daniel Virtue in separate entry. Baptism: batch no. C11736-2. Death:, London, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1980 [database online].

We are grateful to Paul Hitchings for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Ann McRae Rose
[With Ann McRae Rose, later his wife] Amelia Sophia Hogg, Eleanor Rose Hogg, Ann Eliza Hogg, Harriet Catherine Hogg, Pauline McPherson Hogg; [with Carline Elizabeth Ludford] Margaret, Helen

PROB 11/1899/289 - precis.

Adam Hogg of Roxbro' Castle in Manchester, Jamaica, planter.

First I desire and direct that the following sums of money lent out in Scotland agreeable to the will of my late Uncle Daniel Virtue by George Johnston and Robert Swan Esquires under trust deposition dated 30th May 1836 (viz: the heritable bond on the Billa estate for £4,500 sterling; Anthony Dickson[s] Esquire of Edrington House bond for £4,000 sterling; Charles Wilson Esquire, manufacturer, Earlston, bond for £600 sterling; Bank of Scotland for £1,765 sterling) be applied in liquidation of the legacies and interest of George Blair Virtue and Eleanor Virtue and that Stephens mortgage bond for £3,500 sterling and £1,500 sterling, both in the possession of E.F. Green Esquire of No. 147 Leadenhall St, London, to be paid to Bethia Virtue alias Wymen in full of her legacy there being no interest thereon.

To my brother Daniel Hogg and two sisters Eliza Hogg or Henderson and Margaret Hogg residing in Leith, Scotland, £500 sterling each.

To my two reputed daughters Margaret and Helen Hogg by Caroline Elizabeth Ludford £1,000 sterling each, to be lent out In Great Britain on the best English security, 3% interest to be paid them every 6 months for their support, the principal to them at age 30 years.

To William Rose of Park Hall, £300 Jamaican currency.

All the rest and residue of my estate real, personal and mixed, to my five reputed children and their mother, viz: Ann McRae Rose, Amelia Sophia Hogg, Eleanor Rose Hogg, Ann Eliza Hogg, Harriet Catherine Hogg, Pauline McPherson Hogg, and any born by Ann McRae Rose during my lifetime and within nine months after my decease. This consists of:

my 15 acres of land called the Kirkgate in Elinston, Barony of Killerston and County of Berwick, bounded on lands belonging to George Ballie Esquire of Lewiswood and more particularly described in trust disposition to George Johnston Esquire Yetholmans and Robert Swan Esquire writer Kelso, Roxburghshire dated 30/05/1836

also all monies in Great Britain lent out by George Johnston and Robert Swan Esquires

all monies in the hands of E.F. Green Esquire, London, the British funds and elsewhere

also all my coffee plantation called Roxbro Castle in Manchester, Jamaica

all my jobbing gang domiciled on Lee Logie

also my share of the Ramble Coffee plantation in Manchester

My five children and Ann McRae Rose to be tenants-in-common not joint tenant.

All my property in Jamaica to be sold as soon as can be done to advantage and any surplus remaining after paying the legacies should be remitted to George Johnston and Robert Swan to be vested in the best security for the benefit of my residuary legatees until the youngest attains the age of 23 years and then to be equally divided amongst them.

It is my wish that my children and their mother should be sent to Great Britain for their education and a reasonable sum allowed for their support.

It is my particular wish that William Rose should have the management of Roxbro' Castle and jobbing gang as overseer.

As soon as the Hon. Curtis Philip Berry or his son Philip Berry pays the sum of £2716 11 shillings 7 pence halfpenny, the balance due for the purchase of Ensom pen with interest and open account to date subject to a deduction of his proportion of Williamson's Judgement - when recovered say £100 also - may be recovered on my counterclaim entered against his compensation no. 290, my executors to convey the property in any way they think proper.

I also direct my executors to convey Bloomfield plantation to the executors of Alexander Young on behalf of his children as soon as the balance due to me and Messrs Hodgson and Phillpotts is paid.

My executors to be Francis Hall Esquire of Battersea in Manchester, planter; Thomas Mason Esquire, St Elizabeth, and Ann McRae Rose executrix.

Signed at Roxbro' Castle 08/04/1837.

Memo dated 09/04/1837. It is my particular wish that the whole of Bloomfield & Dumbar should be equally conveyed between the children of Hugh Reid and Alexander Young, share and share alike, as soon as the debts are paid.

Sworn in Jamaica 21/10/1837.

Codicil dated 01/07/1837 in London. Whereas in my will previous to my departure from Jamaica I nominated Evan McPherson of Clarendon, Alexander Geddes of St Mary and Thomas Mason of Manchester to be executors and trustees, I do revoke this as regards the appointment of Thomas Mason of Manchester.

Proved in London 25/08/1838 by the oaths of Alexander Geddes, Evan McPherson and William Rose Esquires.

Associated Claims (2)

£354 11s 9d
£5,020 19s 3d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

Associated Estates (9)

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1829 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Buyer

Shown as purchaser of the enslaved people attached to the estate between 1826 and 1829, whom Hogg moved to Manchester.

1829 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Other

Previous owner of enslaved people.

1839 [EA] - → Not known
1832 [EA] - → Other

Purchaser of enslaved people (who he moved to his own estate) from the estate of James Sutherland, of which he was himself executor

1832 [EA] - → Owner
1834 [EA] - → Owner
1837 [EA] - 1837 [LA] → Joint owner

In his will made in 1837 Adam Hogg left his [unspecified] share in Ramble Coffee estate in Manchester to his natural children.

1826 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner
1826 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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Husband → Wife
Executor → Testator
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Adam Hogg was also appointed one of the guardians to James Sutherland's minor children...
Nephew → Uncle

Addresses (2)

Earlston, Berwickshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland
Muswell Hill, London, Middlesex, London, England