Herbert Newton Jarrett V

1787 - 1879

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Herbert Newton Jarrett V, son of Herbert Newton Jarrett III (who d. 1829).  

Born on 22 Mar 1797 in Woolverstone, Suffolk. Herbert Newton died in Milnthorpe, Winchester, on 30 Jun 1879; he was 82. Buried in Winchester cemetery. Education: Westminster; St John’s College, Cambridge. Residence/Property: Orange Valley, Jamaica; Milnthorpe, Winchester.

On 27 Aug 1835 when Herbert Newton was 38, he married Jane Turnbull, daughter of John Turnbull. Jane died on 5 Oct 1881 in Milnthorpe, Winchester.

"According to WJK, after coming down from Cambridge, the young Herbert Newton Jarrett did a classic Grand Tour, travelling “a great deal on the Continent, accompanied by his friend and tutor, the Rev. Mark Vernon, a gentleman much respected and liked by all the family.”

"Then he seems to have been despatched to Jamaica, where he stayed until he was 32. His father joined him there at the beginning of 1829 - it is worth bearing in mind that these were the years leading up to the abolition of slavery in 1833-4, with all the changes that entailed for every sector of Jamaican society and the island’s economy. And it was in Jamaica that his father unexpectedly died later on that year.

"WJK continues that, after this father’s death, Herbert Newton Jarrett “left the island for England on 22 December 1829.” Then, when “the [English] affairs of the late Mr H.N. Jarrett [his father] were settled ... he returned to Jamaica and took into his own hands the management of Orange Valley Estate. This he did not at all wish to do, the responsibility being so very great, but his cousin William Mitchell Kerr [WJK’s father, who at that time lived in Jamaica and managed the Jarrett properties as attorney] insisted on his doing so, saying that if he [W.M. Kerr] continued in the management he would be robbing him, and that he was quite competent to look after his own estate - this Mr Jarrett himself told the Compiler.”

"Herbert Newton Jarrett was in Jamaica at the time of the so-called Baptist War - a slave uprising around Christmas and New Year 1831-2 - during which he “served as Lieutenant of the Artillery Company of the Trelawny Regiment of Militia.” The great house at Orange Valley was, apparently, “one of the few residences that escaped conflagration during that time”. Herbert Newton Jarrett left the island for the last time on 5 June 1835, having presumably established his properties on a secure footing in the new post-Abolition order.

"On his return to England, by now aged 38, he settled down with evident relief to the life of an English country gentleman, able at last to indulge his passion for hunting, shooting and fishing. He married, he and his wife living first in at Codford St Peter, Wiltshire, “the chief attraction of that place being its excellent trout fishing”. Later, they moved to Bathampton House, near Wylie, where they stayed for 33 years as tenants and brought up their children, who like their father were “all addicted to field sports, especially fox hunting”.

“In 1870 the family left the old home with many feelings of regret” - possibly because its owners wanted it back again - and “Mr Jarrett purchased a small property in the environs of Winchester, known as Milnthorpe, [where] he and his wife resided until their respective deaths."

Herbert Newton Jarrett V's sister Maria Catherine married John Penrice, who inherited the fortune of 4th Viscount Chadworth.


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William D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? A biographical dictionary of British wealth-holders Volume Two 1840-1859 (MS) reference 1845/23 John Penrice.

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Jane Turnbull
3 sons, 2 daughters
Cambridge (St John's)

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£13,591 1s 0d
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Woolverstone, Suffolk, East Anglia, England
Codford St Peter, Wiltshire, South-east England, England
Bathampton House, Wylie, Wiltshire, Wessex, England
Milnthorpe, Winchester, Hampshire, Wessex, England