Frances Donaldson

1783 - ????

Claimant or beneficiary


Listed as an enslaved person on Middlesex estate in Hanover, Jamaica, in 1817, "mulatto", age 34, Creole, daughter of Lucy Gibbs. On the same estate was Lucy Gibbs, "Negro", age 50, African. Lucy's other children on the same estate in 1817 were Pechey Gibbs, "Sambo", age 24, Creole and Eliza Eleanor Gibbs, "Sambo", age 22, Creole. Two of Frances Donaldson's children were registered there in 1817 as well: Maria Sinclair, "quadroon", age 10, Creole and Elizabeth Innes, "quadroon", age 13, Creole.

Lucy Gibbs, age 52, Elizabeth Innes, age 15 and Maria Sinclair, age 12, had been manumitted by the time of the slave register in 1820.

Frances Ann Potts daughter of Frances Donaldson and "reputed daughter" of Cuthbert Potts, was bequeathed £200 in the will of Cuthbert Potts (written in 1826 and proved in 1827). Maria Sinclair and Elizabeth Innes were also bequeathed £200 each. Cuthbert Potts's estate called Mount Pleasant was bequeathed to Frances Donaldson for life and thereafter to Frances Ann Potts.

Cuthbert Potts had other children, also named in the will: John Donaldson Potts, William Potts, George James Potts and Ann Sowerby. It seems likely at least that Frances Donaldson was the mother of John Donaldson Potts.

Frances Donaldson was listed as the owner of Mount Pleasant in the almanacs from 1827 to at least 1845.

On Mount Pleasant in the census of 1823 were: Walter Gordon, age 49, "White"; John Farquharson, age 44, "White", Thomas Reynolds, age 26, "White"; Cuthbert Potts, age 70, "White"; William Burt, age 40, "Mulatto", Frances Donaldson, age 30, "mulatto"; Elizabeth Innes, age 19, "Quadroon"; Maria Sinclair, age 16, "Quadroon"; and Frances C. Reid, age 14, "Quadroon".


PROB 11/1732/186.

Slave register for Middlesex Pen in 1817: T71/190 pp. 609-611., Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online].

Census of 1823 at [accessed 14/02/2017].

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Further Information

Elizabeth Innes, Maria Sinclair, Frances Ann Potts. Possibly also John Donaldson Potts and George James Potts

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£507 11s 7d

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