Mary Elizabeth Shepherd Freeman Jarvis (née Blackwell)

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Second wife of Thomas Jarvis junior (q.v.), her daughters Mary Wilhelmina Lindsay and Grace Jarvis (both q.v.) claimed compensation for arrears of jointure due to her from Thibou's estate in Antigua.

  1. Daughter of Ebeneezer Blackwell and his wife Mary née Eden. Second wife of Thomas Jarvis of Antigua who inherited Thibou's estate from his mother Rachel Thibou (1728-1795).

  2. Married Thomas Jarvis at St Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire, 28/02/1801 when she was aged 25.

  3. Mary Elizabeth Shepherd Freeman Blackwell now Jarvis, only daughter of Ebenezer and Mary Blackwell, presently residing at Dover, Kent, was paid an Irish Life Annuity in 1775.


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 30 (Thibou's).

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  3. Return of Nominees in Tontines or Life Annuities of Ireland created in 1773, 1775 and 1777 available at [accessed 20/12/2012].

Further Information

Maiden Name
Thomas Jarvis senior
Mary Wilhelmina (1801-), Grace (1804-), Robert Eden (1805-1805)

Associated Claims (1)

£4,194 12s 7d
Previous owner (not making a claim)

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Mother → Daughter
Mother → Daughter
Second Wife → Husband
Niece → Aunt