John Beckles

29th Apr 1751 - 4th Dec 1823

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Son of Robert (8 June 1720-October 1791) and Elizabeth Beckles (née Ince; married 17 April 1743). Born in Barbados. Before 1778 married Elizabeth Husbands, daughter of Samuel and Susannah Husbands, at St Marylebone Church, London. Called to the Bar in England but after birth of first child (John Alleyne: 10 June 1778; born in Saville Row, London) returned to Barbados to work as a lawyer.
    Elected member of the House of Assembly for St Michael, 6 August 1782 and remained so until his death. Appointed Attorney Solicitor General in 1807 and later in the year Attorney General. Speaker of the House for 14 years.
    Owner of the Baxters plantation (St Andrew) and Bay Estate (St Michael). [For notes on the Bay Estate see the record for the plantation.]
    Children of John and Elizabeth Beckles:
    John Alleyne Beckles (10 June 1778-15 July 1840 (q.v.)
    Susanna Mary Dehany Beckles 3 January 1780; married William Henery 6 March 1800, St Michael, Barbados. Their children included: Susannah Beckles Henery who married her cousin Samuel Husbands Beckles, the son of John Alleyne Beckles.
    Mary Elizabeth Graeme Henery (died unmarried 3 October 1851); William Henery, died Barbados November 1817. Elizabeth Christian Beckles. Born 21 February 1781. Married Robert Augustus Hyndman (q.v.) who died 24 July 1814 in Demerara. Elizabeth died 9 September 1834 in London. Children were John Beckles Hyndman and Catherine Elizabeth Hyndman (q.v. for both).
    Margaret Ann Beckles (7 September 1782-2 September 1785).
    Sarah Ann Beckles (22 September 1785-6 October 1785).
    Mary Ann Beckles (29 December 1789-1 May 1868).

  2. Father of John Alleyne Beckles and Elizabeth Christian Hyndman (both q.v.). Previous owner of Bay Estate in Barbados; claims for assignation of a judgement debt against John Beckles were made in relation to John Alleyne Beckles as executor of his father against the compensation for Bay estate.

  3. In a Levy Book list for an unidentified parish [probably St Andrew], Barbados, 1804, John Beckles was listed as owning 85 enslaved. He also owned 1 windmill. It is possible that this referred to Baxters estate but it is not certain.


  1. James C. Brandow (comp.), Genealogies of Barbados families: from Caribbeana and the Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society (1983), pp. 152-7.

  2. T71/1306: there were a number of counterclaims, all withdrawn, but which were likely to have been part of an agreed deal. Counterclaims included John Wood, an assignee from B.K. Reece, of £375 sterling , £500 currency, who in turn had been assigned the money by Mary S. Dehany from a judgment of £1530 7s 71/2d sterling against J.A. Beckles, executor of J. Beckles.

  3. Levy Book for unidentified parish [probably St Andrew], 1804. Barbados Department of Archives, RB9/3/7.

Further Information

Elizabeth Husbands
5 daughters; 1 son

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£3,636 19s 4d
Previous owner

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