Jane Kerby (née Byam)

1763 - 2nd Dec 1836

Claimant or beneficiary


Jane Kerby, of Hampton Court Palace, claimed for compensation for Stephen Blizard's estate in Antigua, along with Jane Young, of Brocke St. Bath (Somerset), as tenants for life. The compensation was awarded to the trustees of her daughter Anne Byam Stapleton's marriage settlement.

  1. An unsourced genealogical website gives Jane Byam's birth in Antigua c. 1763, her marriage to Thomas Norbury Kerby in Antigua 10/06/1784 and her death in Hampton Court Palace, 02/12/1836.

  2. Sarah E. Parker's 'Grace and favour: a handbook of who lived where in Hampton Court Palace 1750-1950' shows Mrs Jane Kirby [sic] wife of Thomas Norbury Kirby of Antigua in Apt 12 (Suite XXV) 18 Sept. 1831 with her daugher Anne; then Anne, Hon Mrs Bryant [sic] Stapleton from 7th July 1835 (identified as having married The Rev. The Hon Miles Stapleton), succeeded in turn by Anne's daughter Adelaide [later Mrs Paget] who died in 1860.

  3. A detailed genealogy in Burke's Baronetcy (1824) shows her as the daughter of Edward Byam 'now President of the Council' and Rebecca Blizard.


T71/877 Antigua clain no. 363 (Stephen Blizard's).

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  3. John Burke, Baronetage of England (1824) Vol. 1 'Thomas of Yapton Place', pp. 484-492.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Thomas Norbury Kerby
Anne Byam

Associated Claims (1)

£2,919 14s 8d
Unsuccessful claimant (Tenant-for-life)

Associated Estates (1)

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1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Tenant-for-life

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Addresses (1)

Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, South-east England, England