James Seton

???? - 1831


First husband of Margaret Waller nee Findlater (q.v.), and owner of the Dunfermline estate in Grenada at least between 1817 until his death in 1831 (and conceivably the Seton in the Chancery suit of Boddington v Seton into which the compensation for the Lavingtons estate in St Kitts was paid, although see the notes for that award).

  1. Will of James Seton of Brook Heath near Fordingbridge Hampshire [made in 1820] proved 20/07/1831. Under the will he left his estate in trust (his trustees were his wife and members of the Drummond banking family) to secure his wife an annuity of £1500 p.a., with a further £200 p.a. for any dependent children; to the latter he left £15,000 on their majorities provided his whole estate was not valued below £20,000. In a codicil of 1826 he recorded his indebtedness to his wife of more than £6000 and instructed his debt to her to be secured upon his Grenada property.

  2. James Seton (d. 1831) was the son of Vice Admiral James Seton (1726-1802), who was governor of St Vincent 1787-1798, and who had reportedly been granted the right to use the title of Earl of Dunfermline by George III. James Seton (d. 1831) himself had been on St Vincent during the Carib War. Vice Admiral James Seton had bought and rebuilt Brook Heath or Brookheath House in Hampshire.

  3. James Alexander Seton, the son of James Seton (d. 1831), was the last man in England to die in a duel, in 1845.


T71/879 St Kitts No. 754. James Seton the younger was party to deeds of 07 and 08/11/1788 whereby he sold a plot of land in St Vincent to James Stewart for £1000, Deed Book 1788, British Library, EAP688/1/1/3, https://eap.bl.uk/archive-file/EAP688-1-1-3 pp. 453-462.

  1. PROB 11/1788/195; Grenada Slave Register 1817 T71/267 pp. 30-36.

  2. George Seton, History of the Family of Seton during eight centuries (Edinburgh, 1896) Vol. II, pp. 630-631; http://www2.thesetonfamily.com/gallery/Brookheath_House.htm [accessed 06/06/2015].

  3. See e.g. Martyn Beardsley, A Matter of Honour: the story of England's Last Duel (2011).

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Margaret Findlater
James Alexander; Susan; Marion Frances; Eglinton; Catherine

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Rev. Edmund Waller married Margaret the widow of James...

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Brook Heath, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, Wessex, England