Baron Maximilian August von Ketelhodt

27th Dec 1804 - ????

Claimant or beneficiary


Custos of St Thomas, reportedly killed in Morant Bay rising.

  1. Maximilian August Baron of Ketelhodt married Sophie Louisa Colleton Graves in Westminster, 15/12/1830. The marriage record gives his date of birth as 27/12/1804 and his parents as Karon Baron of Ketelhodt and Maianne Von Berdisdorff. She was the widow of Tristram Ratcliffe, owner of Exeter estate in Vere, Jamaica, whom she had married in 1813. Tristram Ratcliffe had left ownership of the estate to his wife, in whose name Maximilian claimed unsuccessfully for compensation for Exeter Estate in 1834. The compensation was awarded to Joseph Brooks Yates, as mortgagee and purchaser under certain indentures and as judgement creditor, October 1825. Their daughter Carolina Julia Von Ketelhodt was baptised in the Lutheran Church, Aachen, Prussia, 19/03/1832.


The Illustrated London News 25 November 1865.

  1. Familysearch batch nos. M05002-1 and M14751-6 (where his wife's surname is given as Graves-Colleton). T71/858 Vere claim no. 161 (part) (Exeter). Familysearch batch no. C99511-1.

Further Information

Sophie Louisa Ratcliffe nee Colleton Graves
Colina Julia (1832-)

Associated Claims (2)

£137 9s 5d
£3,695 11s 2d
Unsuccessful claimant

Associated Estates (2)

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Owner in right of his wife.

1839 [EA] - 1839 [LA] → Owner

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Second Husband → Wife