Simeon Hardy senior

1776 - 1834

Claimant or beneficiary


See entry for Simeon Henry Hardy junior.

  1. Simeon Hardy (1776-1834), a merchant and shipowner of Cork, reportedly went to Martinique in 1796, and then to Dominica (where he married Mary O'Brien, the niece of his partner James Boland), before returning to Cork in 1810: Simeon's younger brother John Peter then went out to Barbados in 1812 and in partnership with Simeon Hardy (1776-1834) set up as a merchant trading sugar for Irish goods.

  2. Simeon Hardy appeared as a partner in two vessels in the intra-American slave-trade, the Perseverance (Barbados to Martinique and St Croix, 1799) and the John Bull (Barbados to Demerara, 1800) both in partnership with Richard Wells and Thomas Bagaley.


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  2. 'Intra-American' section of the Transatlantic Slave Trade Data Base Voyage IDs 101708, 10710 and 101730, [accessed 04/05/2020].

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Mary O'Brien
Simeon Hnery (1806-1873), Thomas (1810-), John Peter (1812-1868)
Merchant and shipowner

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£269 18s 7d
Beneficiary deceased (Judgement creditor)

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Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland
George's Street, Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland
King Street, Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland