Joseph William Waith

1789 - ????


Waith the eldest child of Thomas Shepherd [or Shepard] and Sarah Waith and brother of Thomas Lewis Waith (q.v.) Baptized 29 March 1789 at St Philip's, Barbados.

Married in England Mary Ann Olten, a widower with 3 children. With Joseph William Waith she had 2 more - William and Josephine. [Date of marriage not known but c.1810-1813.]

As Griffiths notes, it is possible that Waith was dead by the time of compensation. And as the Barbados claim 119 makes clear, it was Thomas and John Daniel who were awarded compensation while Bezsin Reece became the owner of the Pine estate. Waith's son William moved to the USA at some point, dying in Barbados in 1847 at the home of John Mayers '14 days after his arrival from the US'. (John Mayers was a lawyer and cousin of Joseph William Waith. In 1817 Mayers married his cousin, Ann Jane Waith who was Joseph William's sister.)


Pam Griffiths, The Waith family of Barbados and Guyana and associated families, mainly in Barbados (January 2009), pp. 39-41 available at Waith family geneaology.

Further Information

Mary Ann Olten
1 daughter and 1 son: William (c.1813-1847) and Josephine (?-3 September 1823).

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