William Sloane of Tobago

???? - 1797


Tobago slave-owner. The Rev. William Sloane Wilson (q.v.) must have been a namesake.

  1. In 1773, William Sloane was Present Proprietor of (1) Sandy Bay division (St Patrick parish) Lots nos. 28 and 29, originally purchased separately by William Reven and Dunn & Williams, and which became the Kilgwyn estate, of which by 1832, the owners were 'Chauncey Lang & Co.'; and (2) Northeast division (St John parish) Lot no. 13 (200 acres) bought 19/04/1768 by William Karst and Thomas Bird.

  2. There is a memorial to William Sloane, Esq. of the island of Tobago, 1797 in Exeter Cathedral. William Sloane, aged 7, son of Willm. Esq., deceased, Exeter, was at Blundell's School Aug 14 1798 - Dec. 15 1806. No connection has yet been traced to the 'William Sloan of Dominica' (q.v.) whose will was proved 25/05/1809.

  3. Ann-Sarah, eldest daughter of William Sloane of Tobago 'by Ann, his wife, third daughter and co-heir of Henry Fisher [of Barbados]' married 20/02/1819 William Evans of Cheltenham, Lt-Col., of the Evans family of Prior's Wood, Co. Dublin and then of Lough Park, Co. Westmeath.

  4. Henry Fisher Sloane (1788-1851), who changed his name to Henry Fisher Bidgood before 1823, having married Sarah Porter spinster born Demerara at St George's Hanover Square 06/10/1821, and died 'of Rockbeare Devon' in 1851, must have been a son of William Sloane and Ann Fisher. Charles Bidgood of Rockbeare, whose will was proved 24/11/1813, was the step-father of Henry Fisher Sloane, and requested that his wife's heirs take the name of Bidgood. Thomas Porter of Rockbeare was an executor of this will, and was almost certainly the Thomas Porter of Rockbeare whose will was proved December 1815 (q.v. under Thomas Porter I), although conceivably the executor could have been his son, also Thomas (q.v. under Thomas Porter II). Sarah Bidgood nee Porter was again probably the daughter of Thomas Porter I, who in his will left £30,000 to each of his three daughters, including Sarah.


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  3. Bernard Burke, A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry (1858) Vol. I pp. 355-356, 'Evans of Lough Park.'

  4. Genealogical sites give 1875 as the date of death but his will was proved 18/08/1851, PROB 11/2137/162; 1851 census online; PROB 11/1549/449.

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