Robert Jordan

1760 - 8th Nov 1837

Claimant or beneficiary


Banker in Teignmouth, Devon who counterclaimed with his partner William Langmead (q.v.) for the compensation for the Prospect estate in Portland Jamaica belonging to the Attlay family. Simon D. Smith shows the partners as owed £1000 and as reaching some form of settlement with the awardees of the compensation, the London mortgagees Jegon and Rutherford (q.v.).

  1. The banking firm of Langmead, Jordan and Scott in Teignmouth was dissolved in 1825 with the retirement of William Scott: William Langmead and Robert Jordan carried forward the business together. William Langmead was bankrupt in 1841 but Jordan's partnership with him appears to have been dissolved before Langmead's failure.

  2. Death Nov. 8 [1837], Teignmouth, Robert Jordan, Esq., aged 77, deservedly respected and generally regretted by all who knew him.


S. D. Smith, An Introduction to the Plantation Journals of Prospect Sugar Estate, with contents of the microfilm (2004), [accessed 08/02/2014].

  1. London Gazette 18190 01/11/1825 p. 2005; London Gazette 20051 14/12/1841 p. 3249, which shows William Langmead as having been a brewer in Plymouth, then as a banker with Robert Jordan, and as most recently carrying on business as banker at Teignmouth as Langmead & Co.

  2. Western Times 18/11/1837.

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£2,809 10s 1d
Unsuccessful claimant (consensual)

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Teignmouth, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England