Dugald Campbell of Saltspring, the younger

???? - 1817


Son of Duncan Campbell of St Martin-in-the-Fields, brother of John Campbell of Budleigh Salterton and Duncan Campbell of Alfred Place Bedford Square (each of whom q.v.).

  1. The will of Dugald Campbell of Saltspring, parish of Hanover, Jamaica, now residing at Thomas's Hotel Berkeley Square (made 21/11/1813) was proved 07/01/1818. In the will he left his estate in trust to his two brothers John and Duncan Campbell, Robert Scarlett and a London mortgagee James Boyick. He left annuities of £70 p.a. to his two sisters Mary Willcox of Charmouth Street and Launce Glover, and a series of legacies to an 'outside' family, including £100 p.a. to Mary Smith formerly Johnson wife of Thomas Pope Smith of Hammersmith; and £100 p.a. each to Mary Smith's sisters, Susan Ricketts Johnson and Ann Pool Johnson residing at Dalston and their brother George Johnson, at present in London. He also left £10 p.a. to two 'negroes', James and William, hereafter to be manumitted. He also left monetary legacies of £300-500 to family members including a series of nephews and nieces.


PROB 11/1600/47.

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Summary of will from http://www.jamaicanfamilysearch.com/Members/w/wills-08.htm [accessed 27/11/2014].

I bequeath to my brother John Campbell and Duncan Campbell and worthy friends James Boyick of London and Robert Scarlett of Ducketts Spring in the parish of St. James Jamaica not only that part of my plantation belonging in mortgage to James Boyick but also all my estate in Jamaica, Saltspring1 [in trust to provide the following]

An annuity of £70 Sterling to my sister Mary Wilcox of Charmouth Street An annuity of £70 Sterling to my sister Launce Glover An annuity of £100 Sterling to Mary Smith, formerly Johnson, wife of Thomas Pope Smith of Hammersmith Annuities of £100 Sterling to Susanna Ricketts Johnson and Ann Pope Johnson both now residing in Dalston [London] sisters of Mary Smith An annuity of £100 Sterling to George Johnson at present in London, brother to Mary Smith, Susanna Ricketts Johnson and Ann Poole/Pool/Pole Johnson Annuities of £10 each to two Negroes Named James and William, two of my domestic servants at Saltspring for their faithful service hereafter directed to be manumised. My trustees shall [also] discharge such monies owing to James Boyick in mortgage and after the full payment and out of the nett profits and proceeds To my brother Duncan Campbell £600 Sterling To my nephew John Campbell and other nephews and nieces Harriet Campbell, Mary Alexwina* Campbell, Duncan Archibald Campbell, William Campbell and Charles Dugald Campbell, Philip Dugald Glover, John Campbell Glover, Mary Ann Glover, Launce Glover, Edward Glover, Fanny Glover and William Glover, Ann Pope, William Pope and Caroline Pope, £300 Sterling And after payment of Legacies I direct my trustees to assign my estate [Saltspring2] to my brother John Campbell, failing him to my brother Duncan Campbell, but subject to the said annuities To my brother Duncan all my books and bookcases at Saltspring To my brother John all my plate and household furniture All the residue of my estate not particularly disposed of to John Campbell, Duncan Cambell, James Boyick and Robert Scarlett

Signed, Dugald Campbell at Thomas's Hotel, Berkley Square, London on 1st November 1813 Witnesses, William Bligh, Rear Admiral Royal Navy, William Scammell and John Carpenter, both waiters at Thomas's Hotel

Proved 7th January 1818 in London by the oaths of John Campbell and Duncan Campbell

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1Duncan Campbell, Dugald's father, acquired the Saltspring estate in Hanover after the death of John Campbell, his cousin and brother-in-law. Duncan had loaned John money, by way of mortgage in 1776, and on John's death in 1782, over £11,000 was still owing. A chancery case in the Jamaica Supreme Court followed and, in 1787, the estate was adjudged to belong to Duncan. John Campbell had originally inherited the estate from his father, Dugald Campbell (taken from the Cornwall Chronicle, June 30, 1787, viz: In Chancery. Campbell, per Attorney, v Campbell In pursuance of the final Decree made in this Cause bearing the date the 20th day of April 1787, and in default in payment of the sum of Eleven Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventeen Pounds Eleven Shillings and Ten pence sterling money of Great Britain with interest...being the sum then reported as due to the complainant Duncan Campbell, from the Estate of John Campbell late of the parish of Hanover Esq. deceased...the said money being payable in Great Britain: I hereby give notice that I will on Monday the 5th day of November next...actually sell to the highest and best bidder all that Sugar Work...known by the name of Salt Spring...situate...in the parish of Hanover...slaves, stock and premises...which are...included in the Indentures of Lease and Release by way of Mortgage dated 17th and 18th days of October, 1776... George Murray, M.C.C)

2The Jamaica Almanacs record Saltspring as belonging to 'the heirs of Dugald Campbell' from 1820 onwards to at least 1845.

3William Bligh, in the early 1780s, commanded ships, sailing between Britain and Jamaica, which belonged to Dugald's father, Duncan Campbell.

4The circumstances of John Campbell's death are recorded in Feurtado's Personages.

5While William Bligh witnessed Dugald Campbell's will in 1813, Dugald himself was one of two executors and a also legatee of Bligh's will [Written October 1805]. Campbell predeceased Bligh but not by much; Bligh's will was proved in the same year, 1818 [April].


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Boyick was among the trustees of Dugald Campbell of Saltspring and characterised in the latter's will also as...