John Anderson of Tobago

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Owner of Providence estate in Tobago, deceased by 1819.

  1. Indenture made 05/05/1804 being a conveyance of the Providence plantation in Tobago by the devisees of John Walker Esq. to John Anderson for securing £17,000 to the grantors ['Indenture of eight parts, all Scotch names'].


  1. Caribbeana Vol. III p. 295; the Yale finding aid shows for the Beinecke collection shows: 'Call Number: GEN MSS 1412 Scope and Contents: Conveyance of the Providence Plantation on Tobago to a term of 1,000 years. Indenture of fifteen parchment sheets; fourteen seals of all parties. Parties include Joanna Thomson, Andrew Hunter, Thomas Davidson (formerly Thomas Randall) of Edinburgh; James, Margaret, and Jane Walker of Edinburgh; John Anderson of Tobago; Christopher William Irvine of Bath; and many others' [accessed 18/09/2018].

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