Rev. William M. Payne

???? - 1825


Payne's wife, Mary Ann Payne, returned 32 enslaved in St Michael, 1826, including 29 who had 'reverted to me by the death of the Reverend William M. Payne'.

  1. William Maynard Payne, born 1777, married Mary Ann Clarke, 29 June 1818 in St Michael, Barbados.

  2. Nephew of Elizabeth Alleyne, second wife of William Gibbes Alleyne. (They married in 1776.) Under her will she gave to the Rev Wm. M. Payne 30 acres, part of the Black Rock Estate, St Michael, but she revoked the legacy after he predeceased her.

  3. Administration of the will of Rev. William Maynard Payne who died at Barbados 31/05/1825 was granted in 1860 to Elizabeth Alleyne Payne of 5 Vectris Terrace, Brunswick Place, Southampton, attorney of Rev. William Maynard Payne, effects under £1000 (resworn 1861 to £800).


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Mary Ann Payne

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