Major Thomas Hals

1634 - 1702


Major Thomas Hals/Halse, granted land in Jamaica in 1670 which became Halse Hall. Died in 1702, bequeathing his estate to his son Thomas Hals junior.


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Further Information


PROB 11/469/328 - precis.

Thomas Hals Esq. of the parish of Clarendon and Island aforesaid.

To my dearly beloved wife Mary Hals all my household goods, plate, jewells, coaches and chariots and eight horses of her choice. Also to her £400 sterling to be paid at the Royal Exchange in London 12 months after my decease.

To my aunt Girese Moseley £20 sterling per annum for life in England or Ireland. Also to her £20 for mourning.

To my dear mother Elizabeth Webber £20.

To Captain John Rose and his wife £20 each.

To George Orborne £20.

To Elizbaeth Hemings £20.

To John Christie £20.

To Philemon Dun £10.

To Richard Thomas £10.

All the rest and residue both real and personal in Jamaica and England to my welbeloved son Thomas Hals and his heirs forever. The care and education of my son I leave to my wife during her widowhood. Should my son die without issue then I leave the same to my cousin Gireewill[?] Hals, the son of James Hals of Merthar in Cornwall, England, paying £100 yearly out of the same to Thomas Rose, son of Captain John Rose of London, merchant.

Executors to be Mary Hals, Emanuel Morton Esquire, John Peepe Esquire, Dr Daniel Webber and Joshua Smith, to whom £20 each.

Signed 21/08/1702.

Some undeciphered marginal notes.

Soldier then planter

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