Charles Gordon of Braco

1747 - 1829


A transatlantic slave-owner, of Braco in Jamaica and Gower Street in London. Father of Charles Gordon (d. 1839, q.v.). Charles Gordon sen. of Braco b. Braco 1747, d. 1829 aged 82, has a stone in the church of Great Berkhampstead. In his will, the son Charles Gordon (d. 1839) also refers to the house of his late father in Gower Street: 'Chas. Gordon' was shown at 40 Gower Street in 1835.

  1. Will of Charles Gordon of Braco in the parish of Trelawny [and of Gower Street, Bedford Square in the parish of St Giles in Middlesex] [made in 1825] proved 11/07/1829. He left his wife his house in Gower Street for life and an annuity of £1200 p.a. (in lieu of dower), to be paid from the produce of the £34,228, 8s 3d he held in consols with any deficiency made up from his Jamaica estate. He left an annuity of £240 p.a. to his daughter Mary, wife of John Winter, with £6000 to Mary's children on her death; and an annuity of £200 p.a. to his daughter Georgiana the wife of the Rev. John Rich, with £5000 to her children at Georgiana's death. He explained that he left no pecuniary bequest to his son Charles having already given to him the sums he had advanced 'on account of the New Timber estate.' He left his son Henry £10,000 and his son William £5000. He left Braco in trust for his son Charles Gordon, and bequeathed the principal of the £34,228 8s 3d consols in trust for his three sons and their heirs after the death of his wife.


IGI, and Notes & Queries 1906 s 10-V pp. 214-5.

  1. PROB 11/1758/174. The will of Charles Gordon of Braco's son Henry Gordon of Stoke Court Somerset was proved 12/10/1839: he left an annuity of £1000 p.a. to his wife Sarah Sidney Gordon and monetary legacies totalling £20,000 in 18 individual legacies to family members of £1000 each and one of £2000, some payable only after the death his wife.

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This possibly refers to the younger Charles Gordon, the son of Charles Gordon of Braco.

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40 Gower Street, London, Middlesex, London, England