James Leith of Tobago

???? - 1867


Owner of estates in Tobago after slavery. Brother of John Leith of Tobago (q.v.) and George Leith.

  1. On 27/01/1856, John Leith since deceased and James Leith both of the island of Tobago were indebted to the respondents as executors and trustees of their late father Duncan Davidson for £10,000 [this Duncan Davidson was almost certainly the Advocate of Aberdeen whose will was proved 05/04/1850, PROB 11/2111/227]. On 26/01 and 27/01/1856, the Leiths mortgaged New Grange, Old Grange, and Grafton and an estate called Kendal Place to secure the £10,000. James Leith himself was seized of other estates, Charlotte-ville, Telescope and Fairfield, which he mortgaged to the appellant [Chambers] 23/01/1860 to secure £2500. He was also seised of Runnymede and Speyside, for which he entered into a covenant of consignment 15/03/1860 with the appellant. John Leith died intestate 19/04/1862 leaving James Leith his partner and George Leith his elder brother as heir-at-law. New Grange (£1510), Old Grange (£2010) and Grafton (£1010) were foreclosed and sold to Alexander Davidson 21/02/1865.

  2. Year of death taken from Susan Elizabeth Craig-James, 'The Evolution of society in Tobago: 1838-1900' (unpub. PhD, London School of Economics, 1995, p. 450.


  1. In re Leith's estate: Chambers v Davidson, L.R. 1 P.C., http://www.ebooksread.com/authors-eng/robert-campbell/english-ruling-cases-volume-16-pma/page-13-english-ruling-cases-volume-16-pma.shtml [accessed 18/05/2015]

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