Major (later Sir) George Gun Munro 4th Laird of Poyntzfield

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Husband of Jemima Charlotte Graham (q.v.). NB this is a different man from the George Gun Munro (q.v.) of Grenada (who died c. 1829), who was the illegitimate son.

Marriage of George Gun Munro to Justina Dunbar, 06/08/1787 in Dingwall. GGM's wife Justina Dunbar was the sister of Jean Dunbar, who married Robert Milligan (q.v.).


GROS OPR Marriages 62 10 33. Baptism of Jean, GROS OPR Births 137 10 477, 05/08/1757; baptism of Justina, GROS OPR Births 137 20 11, 11/02/1759; both in Forres. Parents William Dunbar and Jean Davidson.

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[1] Justina Dunbar (2) Jemima Charlotte Graham

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1822 [SY] - 1839 [LA] → Joint owner

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Hon. George Gun Munro of Grenada was the natural son of George Gun Munro 2nd Laird of Poyntzfield (1743-1806), the uncle of George Gun Munro 4th...
Husband → Second Wife
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Munro was also the second husband of Jemima Charlotte, who had married first her cousin Francis Graham (q.v.). ...
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Their wives were...