James Wedderburn of Penge Place

16th Jan 1782 - 20th Jul 1815


Eldest son of John Wedderburn of Balindean by his second marriage to Alicia Dundas. He travelled to Jamaica in the early 1800s but returned home in 1809 after 'what seems to have been an unsuccessful career'. In England he settled in Weymouth but left for France in 1814, where he died a year later.

He died unmarried, leaving legacies of £1000 each to his sisters Maria and Susan. He also left small tokens of remembrance to his brothers John Wedderburn in Bombay (q.v.) and Alexander. The residue of his estate and any property was left to his mother Lady Alicia Wedderburn. He appointed his mother and half brother Sir David Wedderburn executors of the will, but stated that if Sir David was absent from England or refused to act his brother Alexander and cousin Andrew Colvile should be appointed executors.


Alexander Wedderburn, The Wedderburn Book: a history of the Wedderburns in the counties of Berwick and Forfar, designed of Wedderburn, Kingennie, Easter Powrie, Blackness, Balindean and Gosford, 1296-1896 (Published privately, 1898), p. 294.

Will of James Wedderburn of Penge Place, Surrey, 28/8/1815, TNA/PROB 11/1572/266.

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A will but no further details

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Penge Place, Penge, Surrey, South-east England, England