James Bean of Aldbrough in Holderness

???? - 1767


Returnee, a slave-owner in Hanover who came back to Aldbrough in Holderness, Yorkshire and died there c. 1767. His estate in Hanover, Jamaica has not been identified but could logically be Bean's.

  1. James Beane was listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 873 acres of land in Hanover.

  2. Will of James Bean late of the parish of Hanover in the island of Jamaica planter and now of Aldbrough in Holderness was proved 19/08/1767. The will provides a meticulous disposal among several relatives of his property locally in Yorkshire, including the 'dwelling house that I have lately built' to his brother David Bean. He turned towards 'all my real and personal estate near Lucea in the parish of Hanover in the island of Jamaica' towards the end of his will. First, he said 'whereas I am possessed of and entitled to a mulatto girl named....Nancie begotten on the body of a negro woman of mine named...Cuba residing upon my plantation estate in the parish of Hanover,' he freed Nancie and provided for 'a very genteel maintenance' for her. He left his real estate, including the lands he had recently bought of Mr William Clark and his wife Mary to James Bean Benevas [sp?], the grandson of his deceased wife Sarah Bean and son of Mr David Benevas [sp?], Cooper. In order to induce his tenant Edward Knowles to hand over the estate[s] without friction, he left Knowles two parcels of land as a conditional legacy.

  3. The 'dwelling house that I have lately built' in his will appears to have been what is now Wentworth House Hotel in Aldbrough. The history of the house shown on the hotel site states that James Bean (d. 1767) was responsible for rebuilding or remodelling the original 17thC house. The present hotel retains a mid-18thC staircase and plaster ceiling.


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