John Jarrett II

1746 - 21st Sep 1809


Son of Herbert Newton Jarrett II and his first wife (maiden surname Kerr). His mother died and his father remarried, c. 1758, Ann Allen. Fourth generation of Jarretts in Jamaica, and the first to permanently settle in England. Acquired Kent estate in Trelawny and lands at Dry Ridge, St James, from his father during his father's lifetime. Probably the John Jarrett who signed the 1783 address to George III by the planters of the West India islands residing in Great Britain and the merchants trading to those islands.

Vestryman in Trelawny in 1769. Bought Freemantle Park near Southampton in 1790. Spent large sums on the property. Also owned a house in Portland Place, where he entertained the Prince Regent.

Died in 1809; his estates were found to be heavily mortgaged to provide £10,000 for each daughter in her marriage settlement, another mortgage on his son's marriage settlement (Herbert Newton Jarrett IV states in his will that this was a mortgage of £10,000 on Kent estate); and another to David Lyon and Co, as well as other debts. The estate was placed in the hands of his brother, Herbert Newton Jarrett III (q.v.) and Richard Shawe for 10 years to pay off the debts. Freemantle and the Portland Place house were sold, as was 1800 acres of land in St Ann, Jamaica.

Sources [accessed 21/09/2015]; London Gazette 12422 11/03/1783 p.2.

Further Information

Sarah Reid
Ann (1771-1791), Mary Noble (1771-1863), Alice (1773-1794), Sarah (1773-1794), Rachel Allen (1777-1853), Herbert Newton IV (1780-1811), Frances (1789-)

PROB 11/1504/114 - precis.

John Jarrett late of Jamaica but now of Portland Place in Middlesex Esquire.

To my wife Sarah Jarrett an annuity of £1,500 over and above the annuity of £300 Jamaican currency due to her under our marriage settlement to be paid out of my real estate except as hereinafter mentioned. Also to my wife my carriages and horses and the use of my seat in Hampshire and its contents and the use of my house and furniture in Portland Place. Should my wife be desirous to live in Jamaica then to her the use of my house called Golden Grove in Jamaica. All in lieu of dower.

To my daughters Mary Ashton, Rachel Allen Berners and Sarah Berners £100 each for mourning.

To my executors, £10,000 sterling in trust for the use of my youngest daughter Frances at age 21 or marriage.

To Elizabeth Colsen[?], for her use as a nurse, an annuity of £20.

To William Cardisell [?] £25 per annum for his life.

To my brother Francis [?] (if living we me at my death) £15 per annum for life.

To my coachman Luke Olson if living with me at my death £10 per annum during his life.

To my son-in-law John Ashton Esquire and to William Ashton Esquire £3,000 in trust for my granddaughter Harriet Ashton, second daughter of the said John Ashton, at age 21 or marriage, the interest to be directed to her maintenance and education in the meantime. The principal sum shall not be raised until the same shall become payable, chargeable on all my real estate, unless the surplus of the annual produce of my estates shall be sufficient for that purpose.

All my plantations and all other real estate and all my personal estate to my son Herbert Newton Jarrett Esquire and my wife Sarah Jarrett to hold to them, their heirs upon trust to call in and receive all the debts and sums of money which shall be due and owing to me at the time of my decease and to pay the debts and legacies and annuities given by this my will, and then upon trust to my son Herbert Newton Jarrett.

Son Herbert Newton Jarrett and wife Sarah Jarrett to be executors and joint guardians of the estate of my unmarried daughter.

Signed 17/07/1805.

Proved at London 13/10/1809.

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1801 [EA] - 1808 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1780 [EA] - 1782 [LA] → Owner
1817 [EA] - → Other

Deceased creditor.

1770 [EA] - 1771 [LA] → Attorney
1784 [EA] - 1809 [EY] → Owner
1803 [EA] - 1804 [LA] → Owner
1801 [EA] - 1808 [LA] → Mortgagee-in-Possession
1790 [EA] - 1809 [EY] → Owner
- 1809 [EY] → Owner

Legacies Summary

Physical (1)

Country house
Freemantle House [Purchased] 
description →
Mid 18thC house, purchased by John Jarrett II c. 1790 who then reportedly spent heavily on it before it was resold c. 1810 after his death. Demolished 1853....

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Addresses (2)

Freemantle Hall, Mansion Street, Southampton, Hampshire, Wessex, England
Portland Place, London, Middlesex, London, England