John Ricketts

???? - 1767


Eldest son of George Ricketts Esquire of Canaan, Jamaica, and his first wife Sarah, daughter of Raynes Waite of Chertsey, Surrey. Married 04/03/1750 to Anne, daughter of Alexander Crawford Esquire of Crail in Fife.

John Ricketts was listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 1787 acres of land in Westmoreland. His will left the Prospect estate among his four sons as tenants-in-common, rather than following the practises of primogeniture more prevalent in the mid-18th century.


John Burke, History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland (London, 1834) Vol. 1 pp. 22-24, 'Ricketts of Combe'.

'A List of landholders in the Island of Jamaica together with the number of acres each person possessed taken from the quit rent books in the year 1754', TNA CO 142/31 transcribed at

Further Information

Anne Crawford
George Crawford, John, Alexander, William Henry, Jacob, Sarah, Anne

PROB 11/926/167 - precis.

John Ricketts of Prospect in Westmoreland, Jamaica, Esquire.

To my brother William Henry Ricketts, £50 sterling for a mourning ring.

To Mary Ricketts, the wife of my brother William Henry Ricketts, £50.

To my cousin Dibble £20 sterling per annum for her natural life.

To my daughter Sarah Ricketts, £1,000 sterling at age 21 or marriage. The interest for her maintenance and education.

To my four sons George Crawford Ricketts, John Ricketts, Alexander Ricketts and William Henry Ricketts, £1,000 share and share alike.

The produce of my estate called Prospect in Westmoreland to be consigned to Thomas Collett of London as factor or agent, until all sums due to him from me shall be paid off.

To my wife Ann Ricketts, £300 sterling a year for life in lieu of dower.

All my estates real and personal to be charged with the payment of legacies and annuities.

Prospect estate to my brother William Henry Ricketts, David Finly, John Kinloch, Thomas Collett and Robert Joseph Dunn in trust for my four sons until the youngest reaches age 21. The rents and profits to provide each of them with a proper sum of money for their maintenance and education in the meantime. When the youngest reaches age 21, then this estate to my sons as tenants-in-common. In default of heirs then to my daughter Sarah and then in default of heirs to my brother William Henry Ricketts and my nephew George Pointz Ricketts as tenants in common. This provision shall not be looked upon constrained or taken to be any satisfaction for what they or any of them may claim out of my estate under or by virtue of the last will and testament of my father the late George Ricketts Esquire.

Executors to be William Henry Ricketts, David Finly, John Kinloch, Thomas Collett and Robert Joseph Dunn; they also to be guardians of my children. My sons to be executors at age 21.

Signed 24/07/1766.

Proved in London 17/02/1767 by William Henry Ricketts and Thomas Collett.

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Thomas Collett [given as Collet] of London was identified in the will of John Ricketts proved in 1767 as the latter's consignee to whom Ricketts was indebted, as well as one of the...
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John Ricketts was the father of George Crawford Ricketts I, the father of Thomas Bourke...
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