Robert Borland

???? - 1814


Equity estate in St James, Jamaica, is listed to Robert Borland in the almanacs 1809-1815. A Robert Borland was a member of the Quorum or an assistance judge in 1799. His will identifies him as of Kilmarnock in 1802 and reveals strong links to the town. Father given as Robert Borland senior.

Robert Montgomery Borland, son of Robert Borland and Mary Borland, baptised in St James, Jamaica, 09/12/1788. Children to Robert Borland and his second wife William Maclure/Mclure baptised in Kilmarnock: Jane (1793), William (1795), Anne (1798) and Elizabeth (1800).


Jamaica Almanacs (1799, 1811-1816). batch nos. I03814-1 and C11597-4.

Further Information

[1] Mary [2] William Maclure
With [1] Robert Montgomery. With [2] Jane, William, Anne, Elizabeth

PROB 11/1563/341 - precis.

Robert Borland of the town of Kimarnock in the county of Ayr.

To Mrs William MacLure alias Borland my spouse and Robert Montgomery Esquire of Bogstown and Mr Robert Harvey to act as a quorum in trust for the purposes hereinafter mentioned. To them all those estates and plantations known by the names Equity & Sincerity & Bonorolouco[?] in St James, Jamaica and all my other real and personal property, including land in Kilmarnock bequeathed to me by my father Robert Borland. Trustees to be executors and managers of my estate.

Payment my just debts and funeral expenses.

The annuity and other provisions to be paid to Mrs William MacLure my spouse according to our contract of marriage.

To my only lawful son Robert Montgomery Borland £5,000 sterling (£3,000 at age 21, the rest on the death of my wife).

To Elizabeth Borland my lawful daughter £2,000 sterling (£1,500 at age 21 or marriage, the rest on the death of my wife).

To any further lawful children of mine £2,000 sterling.

Any daughters to forfeit half their inheritance should they marry before age 21 without guardians' consent.

Provided by estate can pay the above legacies, then a further annuity of £50 sterling to my wife. But if the remainder shall not amount to £1,000 sterling then this annuity to be restricted to the legal interest of what the remainder shall amount to.

To Robert Montgomery Borland the gold watch, diamond and other rings and trinkets which belonged to the late Mrs Mary Borland my first wife, his mother.

To Elizabeth Borland my daughter my own gold watch, chain and seals and my small miniature portrait and morning ring.

To Robert Hunter merchant in London, Robert Harvey, Robert Montgomery and Mr Gilbert MacLure at Ayr and William Brown writer in Kilmarnock 5 guineas for a mourning ring.

To the managers of the Chapel of Ease in Kilmarnock £10.

To the Merchants Society of Kilmarnock £10 for the institution.

The trustees to convey the whole remainder of my real and personal property to Robert Montgomery Borland on reaching his majority.

Trustees to be executors and tutors of my children.

Signed 20/11/1802.

Administration granted 24/12/1814, proved 26/01/1815.

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Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland