William Gordon of Auchendolly

???? - 1802


Son of Robert Gordon Alderman of Bristol (q.v.) from whom he inherited Paisley and a share (with his brother John) in the Windsor Lodge estate in St James, Jamaica, as well as the mercantile business of their father. Died 1802. 'Of Auchendolly', Kircudbright, Scotland, but a West India merchant (described as a planter in the History of Parliament entry for his son Robert) in Bristol. Married to Anna, daughter of Stephen Nash of Bristol. He is given variously as of Bristol, of the City of London and of Leweston in the Accounts Produce for Windsor Lodge. His partner must have originally been his brother given their father's will, but there are some grounds for believing that the partner from whom he separated in 1791 was John Gordon of Wincombe Park (q.v.) rather than his [William's] brother John Gordon of Bristol (q.v.).

  1. Will of William Gordon of Leweston in Dorset proved 09/07/1802. The will, made in 1797, is very simple, leaving everything to his wife Anna.


Entry for his son Robert Gordon in D. R. Fisher (ed.), The House of Commons 1820-1832 (7 vols., Cambridge, Cambridge University Press for the History of Parliament Trust, 2009), Vol. 5, pp. 312-19.

  1. PROB 11/1377/179.

Further Information

Anna Nash
Robert (1786-1864)

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1791 [EA] - 1801 [LA] → Owner

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William and John Gordon
West India merchant  

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Father → Son
Son → Father
Business partners
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John Gordon of Wincombe Park has been inferred to be the John Gordon junior or the younger who was a partner with William Gordon until 1791. The men were likely kin but how related is not yet known....

Addresses (3)

Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England
Leweston, Dorset, Wessex, England
Auchendolly, Kirkudbrightshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland