Rt Hon Susanna Louisa St John Baroness St John (née Simond)

1725 - 17th Nov 1805


Daughter of the London merchant and slave-owner Peter Simond of Simond & Hankey; she married John St John, 12th [sometimes given as 11th] Baron St John (1725-1767). Her daughter Elizabeth Barbara St John married Sir Henry Halford (ne Vaughan, q.v.).

  1. Death 17/11/1805 '... suddenly, aged 80, the Right Hon. Susanna Louisa, Dowager Lady St. John, of Blesoe [sic]'.

  2. Will of Rt Hon Susanna Louisa Baroness St John widow [late of Bletso in the County of Bedford but now] of Bath proved 29/11/1805. In the will she said 'whereas my share and interest in the several plantations, negroes and other effects in the Island of Grenada....to which I am intitled under and by virtue of the last will and testament of my late honoured father Peter Simond Esq. and otherwise is at present incumbered, and owing to the late fatal insurrection in that island as well as other causes it may be some time before the same becomes productive', it might be necessary to sell part of her one third share and accordingly she put her interest in trust to fund monetary legacies to her family and friends, including her sons. Her trustees were Richard Henry Alexander Bennett of Kent and Thomas Townsend late of the Island of Grenada but now of Clifton.

  3. Her son St Andrew St John was MP for Bedfordshire 1780-1784 and 1785-1805.


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  3. David R. Fisher, 'St John, Hon. St Andrew (1759-1817), of Melchbourne Park, Beds.', History of Parliament online [accessed 04/11/2015].

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Maiden Name
John St John, 10th Baron St John
Henry; St Andrew; Elizabeth Barbara

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Testator → Executor
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Bletsoe Castle, Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, Central England, England