Lewis William Brouncker

???? - 1812


Son of Henry Brouncker and Susannah nee Feuilleteau [later Susannah Stanley, q.v.], and co-heir of his uncle William Feuilleteau (q.v.).

  1. The will of Lewis William Brouncker was the subject of a suit Brouncker v Brouncker, after it became clear that a codicil by which Lewis William Brouncker increased the legacies to his 8 younger children from £5000 to £10,000 each would exhaust his personalty of £70,000 and real property of £4000 and leave his eldest son 'destitute'.


  1. Reports of the cases argued in the Ecclesiastical courts at Doctors Commons...containing cases from Hilary term 1812 to Easter term 1818 Vol. II (1822) pp.57-66.

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Son → Father
Nephew → Uncle
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Addresses (1)

Barford Hall, Wiltshire, Wessex, England