Charles Garth Colleton born Garth

???? - 1818


Son of Charles Garth (1738-1784) MP, and brother of Capt. Thomas Garth (q.v.). The two men were heirs of Frances Colleton, the widow and sole heir of James Edward Colleton (q.v.), whose second cousin was the father of Charles Garth (1738-1784).

  1. Will of Charles Garth Colleton of Haynes [sic] Hill Wiltshire [made in 1807] proved 04/08/1818. He left his wife Charlotte Jemima Garth Colleton his leasehold house in Baker Street and £3000, his sister [unnamed] and brother Thomas £1000 each, and his brother James an annuity of £100 p.a. He left his real estate in Great Britain and his plantation 'with the negroes' on Barbados to his uncle Col. Thomas Garth in trust to be settled on his [the testator's] male heirs, failing whom to his brother Thomas and his male heirs, failing whom to his [the testator's] heirs [presumably female] failing whom his wife Charlotte. If he had no male heir, he provided £20,000 for any daughter or daughters he had, secured on the West India estate [and the enslaved people].


  1. PROB 11/1607/28.

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Married but no further details

Will proved 4 August 1818. PROB 11/1607/28.

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Haynes Hill, Wiltshire, South-west England, England