Robert Dickinson or Dickenson

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Shown as the co-owner (with William Tucker Dickinson or Dickenson, q.v.) of Belmont (on Bequia, St Vincent) in 1817 and 1822. A Robert Dickinson was active as a purchaser of land on St Vincent and the Grenadines c. 1809, buying Battayou or Battawea island and apparently re-selling it immediately to Johnson Littledale, buying Diamond estate on Bequia for £670, and paying £7000 for Retreat estate in St Andrew parish with 80 enslaved people. This might well be the same man as the Robert Dickenson Bequia whose will was dated 01/06/1810, who in turn might be the father of the man of this entry or the man himself.


Kenneth Morgan, EAP 345, A survey of endangered archives of St Vincent, West Indies in the slavery era (2010 award): f. 205‐6 Entered 14 June 1809 Sale of an island: Refers to the sale of Battayou island to Robert Dickinson, who bid £700 current money. At the close of the sale he was declared the highest bidder and purchaser of the island; f. 216‐18 Entered 17 June 1809 Sale of the island called Battawea: an indenture made on 17 June 1809 between Robert Dickinson (esquire, Saint Vincent) and Johnson Littledale (esquire, Saint Vincent). Johnson Littledale has paid Dickinson £500 sterling in a bill of exchange drawn on John Bolton & Co. of Liverpool. He has also entered into several bonds with Dickinson (details are given) in return for which Dickinson sells him the island of Battawea (100 acres) in the Grenadines; f. 332‐3 Entered 23 August 1809 Robert Dickinson has to pay £670 to the Provost Marshal General for Diamond estate, Bequia, formerly the property of Thomas Howell Arrindell; f. 515‐22 Entered 24 November 1809 Feoffment of the Retreat plantation: an indenture dated 24 November 1809 between Donald McLeod (esquire, Geanies), Duncan Munro (esquire, Culcavin), Alexander Ross and John Ogilvy (Argyle Street, London), late army agents and co‐partners but now bankrupts. Robert Dickinson (esquire, Saint Vincent) is to pay them £7,000 sterling for Retreat sugar plantation, Saint Andrew parish, 420 acres, 80 slaves; f. 290‐1 Robert Dickenson, Bequia, esquire, 1 June 1810. [accessed 02/02/2016].

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1817 [EA] - 1822 [LA] → Not known

Shown as co-owner with William Tucker Dickinson or Dickenson in 1817 and 1822 but possibly deceased by 1810.

1817 [EA] - 1822 [LA] → Joint owner

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Father → Daughter
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Elizabeth Tucker Dalzell was a legatee under the will of Robert Dickinson or Dickenson, and has been inferred to be his...
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