Thomas Walke

???? - 1800


Resident slave-owner on Barbados, dying in 1800 with significant holdings in British securities as well as three estates in Barbados.

  1. Will of Thomas Walke of Barbados [made 05/04/1800] proved 03/11/1800. Under the will he left his widow Elizabeth Jennett Walke an annuity of £1200 p.a., to be paid £1000 p.a. from his holdings of 4% Bank Annuities and £200 p.a. from his holdings of 5% Bank Annuities. If she were to choose to live in Barbados she was to have a house on his Ashton Hall estate for life, and he gave her the power to will £8000 in Bank Annuities on her own death, the whole to be in exchange for her claims to dower. If she married again she forfeited everything except an annuity of £300 p.a. He left his niece Jennett Sober £1000 p.a. for the support and education of her son Harrison Walke Sober, and £5000 each to Jennett's two daughters, to be paid from the crop and produce of his estates, and he left his niece Abigail Jane Thomas debts owed to his late brother Harrison Walke of some £6200, and £3000 each to Abigail Jane Thomas's two children. He left £12,000 in 3% consolidated bank annuities to his niece Mary Harrison Dunkley. He left further annuities and the power of disposing of £4000 in annuities each to Dorothy Lisle and Margaret Warren Lisle. Among further monetary legacies He left £1000 to his godson Thomas Daniel the younger of Bristol and £1000 to Thomas Daniel's son, also Thomas, and £1000 to John Daniel of Mincing Lane. He left in trust (1) his sugar work plantation in St Thomas previously belonging to Hon. James Carter [probably Spring] (2) Ashton Hall in St Peter (3) Overhill in St Andrew, together with the enslaved people upon them, for Harrison Walke Sober and his heirs, failing whom to the male children of his niece Abigail.

  2. His wife Elizabeth Jennett Walke exercised her power to will £8000 in consols in her own will proved 16/02/1810, which showed her as of St Peter Barbados: she divided the amount among relatives, including £1000 to her sister Harriet Davie Goode wife of Rev. Mr Goode of Islington in London.


  1. PROB 11/1350/14.

  2. PROB 11/1508/303.

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Elizabeth Jennett

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Harrison Walke Sober was the main beneficiary of the will of his great-uncle Thomas Walke (d....
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