Mary Morison (née Cushnie)

???? - 1846


One of a group of 'heirs of Thomas Stratton' to Windsor Castle estate in St David Jamaica, and heir under the will of her father Alexander Cushnie (q.v.), property she brought to her marriage with Sir Alexander Morison (q.v.).

  1. 'Before he graduated and while still in his nineteenth year he [Alexander Morison] married his cousin, a lady of means, and this influenced his future career. Some of his wife's fortune was early invested in land, and this led to an interest in agriculture and to many pleasant and variable friendships but it had an unfavourable effect on his profession... In 1804 he built "Larchgrove"at Currie near Edinburgh, where he lived with his family, and this property ultimately constituted the foundation of the Morison Lectureship on Mental Diseases.'


  1. George M. Robertson, 'The History of the Teaching of Psychiatry in Edinburgh: And Sir Alexander Morison', The Morison Lecture delivered in the Hall of the Royal College of Physicians, 25/01/1928.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Alexander Morison

Associated Estates (1)

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1817 [EA] - → Joint owner

Legacies Summary

Physical (1)

Country house
Larchgrove [Built] 
description →
Country house built in 1804 by Alexander [later Sir Alexander] Morison with his wife's...

Relationships (2)

Daughter → Father
Wife → Husband

Addresses (1)

Larchgrove, Currie, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Central Scotland, Scotland