Samuel Heming of St Ann

???? - 1720


Father of Richard Heming (d. c. 1755) and probably grandfather [possibly father] of Samuel Heming of St Catherine (q.v.). There are two wills apparently separately probated that appear to refer to the same man: the will of Samuel Heming of Red Lyon Square Holborn proved 26/08/1720 and the will of Samuel Heming of St Ann proved 17/04/1724.

  1. Will of Samuel Heming of Red Lyon Square Holborn 'being now about proceeding on a voyage to Jamaica' [made in 1718] was proved 26/08/1720. This will identified his wife as Elizabeth, and left legacies of £300 to her, £1000 each to his daughters Elizabeth and Mary, and £2000 to the child with whom Elizabeth was pregnant if male. He left his real estate in Jamaica in trust for his son Richard. A barely legible note in the margin appears to refer to a subsequent administration or probate of 1724.

  2. Will of Samuel Heming of St Ann proved 17/04/1724. In the will he left £2000 to his daughter Elizabeth, and land in St Ann now my cow penn and commonly called Little Thickets to his son Samuel Heming, and instructed his son Richard Heming to build upon it a sugar mill and to settle it with at least 50 'working slaves' before Samuel reached the age of 21. .


PROB 11/575/410 and PROB 11/596/339 respectively. There remains a lack of clarity about the Heming family, in particular the identity of the Samuel Heming of Malvern Park and Mammees Bay. Malvern Park Pen in St Ann in 1779 belonged to 'the estate of Samuel Heming Esq.' under the direction of Thomas Wynn who had intermarried with Mary Heming administratrix of Samuel Heming. A similar pattern for Mammee Bay shows that estate as owned as early as 1761 by the 'estate of Samuel Heming' and identifies Mary Heming as widow of Samuel Heming. This Samuel Heming of Malvern Park and Mammees Bay has yet to be identified with confidence. None of two known possibilities appears to fit: Samuel Heming of St Ann (will proved 1724, whose wife was Elizabeth), or Samuel Heming of St Catherine (will proved 1781 but made in 1773). Samuel Heming of St Ann is known to have had a younger son Samuel born c. 1718, and his elder son Richard is known also to have had a son Samuel Heming. One of these two sons named Samuel is likely to be Samuel Heming of St Catherine: most family genealogies show Samuel Heming of St Catherine as the son of Richard Heming, although some show him as the son of Samuel Heming of St Ann. The most logical explanation is that the Samuel Heming of Malvern Park was the son of Samuel Heming of St Ann and brother of Richard Heming, and died sometime between 1755 and 1761, leaving his widow Mary: Thomas Wynn had married Mary Heming widow in London in 1763 (Richard Heming's will proved 03/11/1755 is silent on his wife and appoints guardian for his children, implying that his wife was dead).

  1. PROB 11/575/410

  2. PROB 11/596/339

Further Information

Elizabeth Rose
Richard, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary

Precis from Vere Langford Oliver, Caribbeana being miscellaneous papers relating to the history, genealogy, topography, and antiquities of the British West Indies (6 vols., London, Mitchell, Hughes and Clarke, 1910-1919) Vol. 5 p. 152.

Sam. Heming of the parish of St Anne, Jamaica, Esquire. Will dated 03/06/1720.

To my daughter Elizabeth £2,000 at age 17 or marriage and £100 a year till paid.

To my daughter Mary H. the like sum at age 16.

My youngest son Samuel my cowpenn in St Anne's called the little Thicketts and all my lands within 2 miles round. My first son Richard to settle a sugar work there before Samuel is age 20 and clear 150 acres whereof 80 to be planted for canes, 20 for a plantain walk and 50 for pasturage, and 50 working slaves, 24 steers and 20 mules to be put thereon. Also to Sameul £1,000 Jamaican currency at age 20; £40 a year to age 8, £50 a year till age 15 and £150 a year to age 20.

To my mother-in-law Elizabeth Rose now residing in London £20 a year.

All residue to my eldest son, his guardian to allow him £200 a year till age 20.

My cousin Thomas Rose, Esquire, my brother John Charnock, doctor of physic, and Dr Thomas Price, all of Jamacia, and my brother John Seracold, merchant in London, together with my cousin Thomas Green of Kensignton and my eldest son Richard to be executors.

Certified 09/06/1721. Proved in London 17/04/1724.

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1761 [EA] - 1790 [LA] → Previous owner

Possibly but not certainly the deceased Samuel Heming shown as previous owner Seville 1761-1790

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Probably grandfather/grandson, but conceivably father and son. ...
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Probably but not certainly son and father. In his will Samuel Heming of St Ann instructed his eldest son Richard to establish a sugarworks for his [Samuel Heming of St Ann's] youngest son Samuel, on...
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Red Lion Square, London, Middlesex, London, England