Nathaniel Haggatt

???? - 1762


Slave-owner on Barbados, but then of Richmond in Surrey, where he died c. 1762. To date the three estates in Barbados under the name Haggatt or variants have not been reliably linked with him, but the estate in St Lucy named Lamberts had almost certainly belonged to his step-mother Susanna Lambert Haggart (his wife Jane was his step-sister, Susanna Lambert Haggart's daughter from her first marriage to Hon. Simon Lambert).

  1. Will of Nathaniel Haggatt late of the island of Barbados but now of Richmond proved 04/12/1762. In the will he rehearsed his settlement of £6000 on his daughter Susannah Haggatt on her marriage to Edward Barnard, later the Provost of Eton (q.v., under his brother Rev. Thomas Barnard). He provided that his sugars should be consigned to Edward Clarke of London, and authorised his executors 'to sell or ship off any runaway or bad negroes and to buy others in their place.' His residuary heir was his son William Haggatt (1743-1773).


Brandow, Genealogies of Barbados Families p. 265.

  1. PROB 11/882/95

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Jane Lambert
Susannah; William

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Lamberts had almost certainly belonged to Nathaniel Haggatt's step-mother Susanna Lambert Haggatt, whose first husband was Hon. Simon Lambert (d. c. 1712) and whose second husband was Othniel Haggatt. Nathaniel Haggatt's wife was his step-sister.

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Rev. Thomas Barnard was the brother of Nathaniel Haggatt's son-in-law Rev. Edward...

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Richmond, Surrey, London, England