Thomas McWhinney of Port Royal

???? - 1821


'Planter and builder' in Port Royal, Jamaica, with links to Ireland. Very likely also the owner of Pumpkin Ground in St Catherine. The main beneficiaries in his will were his "esteemed friend" Mary McWhinney and his children John, Mary Elizabeth and Ann McWhinney.


PROB 11/1664/45.

Further Information

John, Mary Elizabeth, Ann

PROB 11/1664/45 - precis.

Thomas McWhinney of Port Royal, Gentleman.

All my estate real and personal to be subject to the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses.

To my brother Arthur McWhinney £25 Jamaican currency in lieu of all claims or demands which he can or might have against me or to my estate as heir at law or otherwise.

To each of the children of Arthur McWhinney, £300 Jamaican currency to be equally divided between them.

To my nephew Thomas McWhinney, son of my brother Arthur McWhinney, £70 Jamaican currency.

To my sister Margaret Kelly, widow, who now resides in Ireland £20 sterling each year for her natural life, to be chargeable upon all the rest and residue of my estate.

To Mary Lucas alias Bruce of Port Royal, spinster, £150 Jamaican currency.

To John Goldson, a free quadroon man, the son of Ann Kenney Goldson of Port Royal, a free woman of colour, £70 Jamaican currency.

To Ann Kenney Goldson £100 Jamaican currency.

To Samuel Haddock, a private belonging to the Royal Artillery stationed at Port Royal £100 Jamaican currency.

To Jane Liddell of St Catherine, spinster, £100 Jamaican currency.

To Mary Liddell of St Catherine, spinster, £50 Jamaican currency.

To my esteemed friend Mary McWhinney, my negro man slave named Peter and my negro boy slaved named William Shepperd, the son of a negro woman slave named Mercellar deceased for the term of her natural life. Thereafter they to be manumitted and given an annuity of £5 Jamaican currency for life.

All the funds in the three per cent consols bough in my name as resident an builder of Port Royal I give the interest from them to my said esteemed friend Mary McWhinney for her natural life. Thereafter the whole of the capital sum to my son John McWhinney and my daughters Mary Elizabeth McWhinney and Ann McWhinney share and share alike.

All residue and remainder to my Mary McWhinney for life, and thereafter to my said children on the youngest of them attaining the age of 21 years.

My esteemed friend Mary McWhinney and Netlam Tory of Kingston, storekeeper, to be executrix and executor.

Signed 07/10/1820.

Sworn in Jamaica in 1822.

Proved in London 08/11/1822 by the oaths of Mary McWhinney widow and Netlam Tory.

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