Aemilia Gibbes (née Irving)

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Executrix of Francis Blower Gibbes senior (q.v.) and guardian of their child James Irving Gibbes (q.v.).

  1. Will of Emilia otherwise Aemilia Gibbes [late of St James Jamaica] widow of St Marylebone proved 15/08/1809. She left to her daughter Frances Emilia Wilson wife of James Wilson of Montego Bay merchant 'my following slaves...that is to say a negro woman Lettice and her children Fanny (with her infant child), Clarinda and Diana, and my two negro men Montague and Martin' together with the increase of the female enslaved women; to her daughter Elizabeth Motte Jackson wife of Samuel Jackson of the same place attorney at law she left 'my following slaves...a sambo woman named Sally and her infant child, my negro woman named Nelly and her children Bessy, Watty, Atkin and an infant child, and my two negro men named Augustus and Hamilton' with the increase of the female enslaved women; and to her son Francis Blower Gibbes,a midshipman in the East Indies 'the following negro woman named Phoebe and her son Peter Grant, Eliza and her son Higson [sp?], my sambo woman named Jenny, her two brothers Tommy and Ned, and my two negro men named Parkinson and Middleton' together with the increase of the female enslaved women; and to her son John 'the following slaves...a negro woman named Betty and her two sons Douglas and Henry, my negro woman named Jocinda [sp?] and her two daughters Rosetta and Zippora and my three negro men named March, Robert and Briton, together with the increase. After monetary legacies of £100 and £50 to three grandchildren she left her residual estate between her four children.


  1. PROB 11/1502/125.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Francis Blower Gibbes
James Irving; Frances Emilia; Elizabeth Motte; Francis Blower; John

Associated Estates (2)

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1784 [EA] - 1785 [LA] → Executrix
1787 [EA] - 1792 [LA] → Guardian

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Mother → Son
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St Marylebone, London, Middlesex, London, England