Dominick Henry Trant

???? - 1790


Although the Trant family's genealogy has not been definitively tried by LBS, Dominick Henry Trant appears to have been the grandson mentioned in the will of Dominick Trant of Montserrat and London, and if so was the son of James Trant, the main heir of Dominick Trant of Montserrat and London (d. c. 1762). In turn Dominick Henry Trant appears to be the father of Frances Dillon, James Trant (d.1804), Elizabeth Hill and Henry Trant: there is ambiguity as to whether he also had a third son, Dominick, father of Henry Dillon Trant, or whether in fact Henry Trant and Henry Dillon Trant were the same man.

  1. Dominick Henry Trant 'of Montserrat' entered into a deed with Archibald Esdail for 'Plantation and slaves in the Parish of St. Paul Capisterre' on 12/10/1768.


  1. Yale University Library, Guide to the Ralph Payne, Baron Lavington Papers OSB MSS 138, box 7 208.

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Frances; James; Henry

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Either Dominick Henry Trant or - conceivably - a son named Dominick.

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