James Cranstoun 6th Lord Cranstoun

???? - 1771


Husband of Sophia Browne through whom his family came into possession of the estate later called Cranstoun's on St Kitts. The marriage settlement of James Cranstoun 6th Lord Cranstoun was litigated in 1776: the case showed that Sophia Browne had a fortune of £12,000 on marriage and during her marriage succeeded to a much larger one.


George Lewis Scott and others against Sophia Lady Cranstoun and Michael Lade her husband, Decisions of the Court of Decisions from its Institution until the separation of the Court....in 1808 (Edinburgh, 1811) Vol. VX -XVI, Appendix 'Husband and Wife'.

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Sophia Browne
William; James

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Cranstoun married Sophia Browne, daughter of Jeremiah...
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