Dame Mary Floyd (née Murray)

???? - 1879


Daughter of William Murray and Elizabeth Murray nee Virgin. On the marriage of Mary Murray to Sir Henry Floyd bart. in 1821, there was a settlement of Latium, Garland Grove and Purling Stream estates all in the parish of St James (and of the enslaved people attached to them), although the terms of the settlement are not yet known to LBS. Sir Robert Peel was her brother-in-law by his marriage of Julia Floyd. One of her sons was named William Murray Floyd.

  1. The will of Dame Mary Floyd formerly of Powys Sidmouth but late of 11 York Street Portman Square widow who died 27/10/1879 at 11 York Street was proved by Sir John Floyd bart., son the sole executor, personal estate under £4000.


'By a further settlement on the marriage [of Sarah Joanna Murray with Charles Ashburnham in 1832], the income on £21,000 and an annuity of £1000 was charged on William Murray's Jamaica estate (Latium Plantation 646a, Garland Grove 68a and Purling Stream, all in the parish of St James), which had been settled on Mary Murray's marriage on 29 Aug 1821', East Sussex Record Office, AMS6066, 'Settlements on the marriages of Sarah Joanna Murray with Charles Ashburnham in 1832 and Godfrey Webster in 1851 with other papers', http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/de7ea952-9760-4e3a-9ec5-aafb773d391f [accessed 14/12/2017].

  1. National Probate Calendar 1879.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Sir Henry Floyd bart.

Relationships (3)

Daughter → Father
Daughter → Mother

Addresses (2)

11 York Street, Portman Square, London, Middlesex, London, England
Powys, Sidmouth, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England