Patrick McCracken

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Slave-owner and manager on St Lucia, dead by 1840. Shown as co-owner with John Murchie (q.v.) of the Grand Ance or Anse estate on St Lucia. Given that the compensation was awarded to the widow of the previous owner and her new husband, it seems likely that McCracken and Murchie had failed to pay the full price of their original purchase and remain indebted to the vendors at the time of compensation.

  1. In 1840, when Hon. John Richardson of St Lucia and Alexander McDougall of Glasgow ('his factor and commissioner') applied to have Richardson appointed as the executor-creditor of Patrick McCracken, McCracken was described as formerly manager of the Canelle estate.


  1. Edinburgh Gazette 4922, p. 214.

Associated Estates (2)

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1818 [EA] - 1822 [LA] → Joint owner
1825 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

The Slave Registers are ambiguous as to whether McCracken was still alive in 1834.

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Business associates
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The two men were shown as co-owners of the Grand Anse or Ance estate between 1818 and 1822....