George Harrison of Change Hill

???? - 27th Nov 1803


  1. Harrison's date of death is noted as 27th November, 1803 in a legal dispute related to the inheritance of property he owned in conjunction with John Hart and others, including Hazard and Change Hill plantations.

  2. Deceased by 1807 when his estate, Change Hill, his coffee estate in St Mary, Jamaica, was registered in the Accounts Produce, "In the possession of William Peat Litt Esq. and the heirs of George Harrison deceased. Account filed by William Smith as overseer." There are two estates named Change Hill in St Mary from 1817 onwards; it's not clear which he owned or whether his original estate was subdivided - see JA15667 and JA16125.


1. National Archives PCAP 13/2/4: "Printed appeal to an Appeals Committee of the Privy Council from JAMAICA [colonial, Caribbean]. Appellant: John Timperon, merchant. Respondent: John Crosman, Francis John French and Jane French his wife, George Harrison Turner, John Hart Turner, William Radcliff and Elizabeth Radcliff his wife, Charlotte Smitt an infant, William Davis and Sarah Davis his wife".

2. Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives 1B/11/4/38 p. 104.

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