Rowland Frye of Wallington

???? - 1777


Son of John Frye the elder of Antigua. London merchant, dying c. 1777, leaving substantial land holdings in Surrey (including Banstead Manor which he had purchased c. 1762) to his [half-]brother William and then to his nephew Rowland Frye of Warfield. In 1764 he sold land and enslaved people on Antigua for £20,000 to Samuel Redhead (q.v.).


Vere Langford Oliver History of Antigua Vol. I pp. 278-281.

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- 1764 [EY] → Owner

By a deed of 16/03/1764 Rowland Frye of Wallington sold two plantation of 420 acres in total (one of 320 acres in St Philip and one called Frye's Pastures of 100 acres in St Paul) with 177 enslaved people for £20,000 to Samuel Redhead.

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Son → Father
Uncle → Nephew

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Wallington, Surrey, South-east England, England