Thomas Pink of South Harting

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Brother of John Pink (q.v.) who paid him an annuity of £40 p.a., increased to £100 p.a. in John Pink's will made in 1833 and proved in 1835. The will showed him as of South Harting in Sussex. This was probably the Thomas Pink of Harting Sussex who in 1841 and 1851 was living at Harting, 'woodeard' [sic] aged 35 and' woodard [sic] to Lady Fetherston' aged 50 respectively with his wife Mary.


1841 and 1851 censuses online

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Thomas Pink was an annuitant of his brother John Pink for £40 p.a., increased to £100 p.a. in the latter's...

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Harting, Chichester, Sussex, South-east England, England