Walter Borrowes

???? - 1810


London merchant, bankrupt in 1788 as surviving partner of Stratford Canning, but then appearing sequentially as partner with Joseph Higginson in Mincing Lane until 1793 and then - probably - with Nathaniel Bogle French senior (q.v.) and Henry Canning. Only the latter of these firms can be linked by LBS to trade with the West Indies, through the presence of Nathaniel Bogle French senior. It is not entirely clear what trades this partnership with him was conducting, but the firm of Bogle French, Borrowes and Canning was listed as one of the members of the Society in the 1803 Lloyd's Register.

  1. Will of Walter Borrowes of [late of Mincing Lane] Ryde Isle of Wight [made 08/11/1810] proved 03/08/1811. He left his property on the Isle of Wight and in Ireland to his natural son Walter Borrowes Buss reserving to his [Walter Borrowes Buss'] mother her interest and to her husband George Yates his interest in the house he [the testator] had built for them on this island. The executor was the testator's brother Sir Erasmus Dixon Borrowes. The will was attested by Walter Borrowes of Windsor and Joseph Higginson: the former has not been identified, raising the possibility that the partner of Nathaniel Bogle French might have been 'Walter Borrowes of Windsor' rather than Walter Borrowes of Ryde.


London Gazette 13050 09/12/1788 p. 593; ibid., 13608 28/12/1793 p. 1166; ibid., 15931 24/06/1806 p. 804.

  1. PROB 11/1524/462.

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