Lucock Griffin II

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Grandson and heir of Lucock Griffin (q.v.). Despite his unusual name, no trace of him has yet been found after his admission at Cambridge in 1765.

  1. Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, May 3, 1765. S. of Giles John, gent., of Philadelphia [and grandson of Lucock, of Jamaica, who is mentioned in Caribbeana, II. 58 and 121]. B. in Jamaica. School, Eton.


  1., Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900 [database online]

Further Information

Eton College
St John's College, Cambridge [1765- ]

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1750 [SY] - → Heir

Heir under the will of his grandfather Lucock Griffin. It is possible that some of the entries in the Accounts Produce refer to Lucock Griffin II rather than his grandfather.

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Grandson → Grandfather