Wine Hodgson formerly Tracey

???? - 1827


Widow of John Tracey [probably John Tracey senior q.v.]: she ties together several otherwise obscure Jamaican families as well as the family of a more significant figure, Abraham Hodgson, in whose will she appears and whose mother-in-law she was. By the time of her death c. 1827 she was living at Wem in Shropshire. It is not clear why she carried the surname Hodgson in the 1820s.

  1. The will of Wine Hodgson widow of Wem Shropshire [made in 1825 with codicils of 1825 and 1827] was proved 08/02/1828. The will identifies Mary Field Phillpotts and Jane Cox as her grand-daughters, to whom she left £1000 and £1500 respectively, as well as £1000 in trust to Thomas Phillpotts for the benefit of his children Abraham Hodgson Phillpotts and Thomas Phillpotts, and £500 to one grandson, Isaac Hodgson, and £50 to another (George Ratcliffe or Radcliffe Stennett) to whom she had already given £500. She identified Avis Stennett as her daughter.


  1. PROB 11/1736/219

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(1) John Tracey

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Avis Stennett was identified in the will of Wine Hodgson formerly Tracey as the latter's...
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George Ratcliffe [sic] Stennett appears in the will of Wine Hodgson as one of her...
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Wem, Shropshire, South-west England, England