Colin Thomson

???? - 1819


Merchant of Glasgow, partner in G & R Dennistoun. 'Dennistown, McLachlan and Thomson' acted as slave factors on St Kitts in 1798-99.

  1. Will of Colin Thomson merchant of Glasgow was proved 24/03/1819. His trustees included Colin McLachlan merchant of Glasgow [one of his partners] and Colin Campbell of Campbell, Rivers. He allocated £3000 from which the interest was to support his natural daughter Anne by a 'mulatta woman' whose name is hard to decipher but whose surname appears to be Allinan. He left his father John Thomson an annuity of £250 p.a., and after his [the father's] death an annuity of £150 p.a. to John Thomson's wife Elizabeth, and after her death £100 p.a. to his half-sister also named Elizabeth until she came into the £2000 from 'the property in Jamaica' to which she had a claim, and other monetary legacies totalling over £7000. He left his residuary estate to his brother Henry, half unrestricted and the other half to pay interest for his life and then to his [Henry's] children. In a codicil of 1818 he reduced legacies to some family members.

  2. His will was contested in John Thomson [his nephew] v Colin Campbell and others in 1838. The account of the case showed that Colin Thomson was owed some £14,000 by G & R Dennistoun on his death.


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  2. The Scottish Jurist: Containing Reports of Cases Decided in the Supreme Courts of Scotland and in the House of Lordson Appeal Vol. X (1838)

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