John Grant of Carriacou and England

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Slave-owner on Carriacou, owner of Beausejour on Carriacou in 1790. He was described by his son-in-law Philip Wilson (q.v.) as late of Carriacou but now of England when Wilson made his will in 1797; he was not mentioned in the will of his daughter Martha Wilson proved in 1801, implying that he might have died between the two dates, but LBS has not traced him further in Britain.


Will of Martha Wilson of Bath widow proved 18/03/1801, PROB 11/1355/181.

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1790 [EA] - 1790 [LA] → Owner

Shown in David Beck Ryden ''One of the Finest and Most Fruitful Spots in America': an Analysis of Eighteenth-century Carriacou', Journal of Interdisciplinary History XLIII:4 (Spring 2013) pp. 539-570 Table 5.

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