Capt. William Ridge

???? - 1772


Son of George Ridge of Kilmiston or Kelmiston (q.v.) who had been one of the members of the original syndicate led by Lauchlin Macleane (q.v) investing in land and enslaved people on Grenada c. 1769. William Ridge, his father and his brother Thomas appear to have entered into some kind of restructuring in 1771 under which their father transferred to them an interest in the Grenada property in exchange for an annuity. William Ridge died c. 1772.

  1. Will of William Ridge now Captain in the 17th Regiment of Foot [formerly of Kimlimiston now] of Bishops Waltham Hampshire [made 16/12/1771] proved 03/02/1773. He opened the will by saying that he was possessed of or entitled to a sum of £1000 part of £9000 secured by mortgage on property including enslaved people on Grenada 'made by Peter Simond and John Hankey', and he left this sum to his brother Thomas Ridge on condition that his brother entered into a bond of obligation for £1000 to secure an annuity of £40 p.a. to their mother Elizabeth, and he freed his brother from any debt that might arise from payments made by him [the testator] on an annuity for the two men's father George Ridge of £200 p.a. which the brothers had agreed to pay between them under a deed of 22nd November last [i.e. 1771]. He was entitled to one moiety of a 1/8th share in the plantations and people in Grenada charged with the £9000 mortgage and 'various other encumbrances' and subject to a deed with his brother Thomas whereby if he [the testator] died within 3 years of 23rd November last [1771], Thomas would have the right to buy out William Ridge's moiety for £3000, he left his interest in the property to his brother-in-law Richard Cumberland on condition that Cumberland raised £1000 against the estates to pay to Thomas Ridge in trust for his [the testator's] mother to dispose of. Both of the legacies to his mother were expressed to be to her alone independent of his father and his father's debts. He made Richard Cumberland his residuary legatee and sole executor.


  1. PROB 11/985/27.

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