Bridger Goodrich

???? - 1795


Bermuda privateer and slave-owner, son of John Goodrich and Margaret Bridger. He is the subject of a full-length study by Nick Hartley. The American Loyalist Goodrich family were closely connected to the Sheddens: Robert Shedden senior (q.v.) and John Shedden (1748-1778) were Bridger Goodrich's brothers-in-law, and Bridger Goodrich's nieces Mary (1766-1827) and Mary (1781-1806) married George Shedden and Bartlet Bridger Shedden respectively.

  1. Will of the Honorable Bridger Goodrich of St George Island of Bermuda proved 22/12/1796. He left all his property including '...furnitures, cattle, negroes' to his wife Elizabeth. His executors were Robert Shedden and John Goodrich (junior, Bridger Goodrich's brother) of Britain.


Nick Hartley, The Prince of Privateers: Bridger Goodrich and his Family in America, Bermuda and Britain 1775-1825 (London, 2012).

  1. PROB 11/1283/173.

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Lenborough House, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Central England, England
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Purchased by Bridger Goodrich and advertised in 1828 for sale as a result of the Chancery suit of Elizabeth Margaret Goodrich v Margaret Goodrich.